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Alright, 10 biggest plays on defense.

3RD & 5 AT TB 5(11:39)
(11:39) (Shotgun) D.Brees pass incomplete short right to M.Thomas.

After 3 & Out to start the game and the Punt Coverage unit gives up a titanic Return to almost start in the RZ, we have to turn 7 into 3.

They’re 3×1 (Bunch Left) w/ Kamara on the Single side. We’re in 0 Blitz, Press Across.

Brees prioritizes the Single; Thomas vs Davis on a Fade. Davis dominates him. The other side is a Rub w/ the two inside Recievers working to pick off Dean for the Drag underneath. He does get picked, but the play is LONG dead. Instant pressure w/ White and the NT on a Slant and Loop. Ball has to be out instantly.

If he prioritizes the Rub combo, it may have been 6 but can’t remotely say for sure. The A Gap Pressure is INSTANT. When the ball is released, Dean isn’t picked yet (but he’s losing attachment and not due to to being picked).

Bowles call worked. Davis dominated Thomas on the Fade route. And we’ll never know what would have happened if Brees prioritizes the Bunch Rub. The ball would not remotely (and we’re talking tenths of seconds…but that is the margin in the NFL) have been out as quick as a Fade to his right. Throwing to your left always takes a micro-second longer because of the footwork required to get into throwing position (whereas on your right you’re in throwing position immediately). And the route takes longer to develop due to all of that traffic.