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A hidden possession receiver gem for this team? Is he just waiting to show case his talents as a major 3rd down receiver? I think he is ready to shine.

I wouldn’t say hidden, but rather buried. It was exacerbated when he was injured during pre-season. He has talent to be a possession receiver because of his hands, attitude for winning the ball, and route running.

It took Godwin a while to get to where we think he’s a consistent WR2 because he was sheltered by Evans and Djax.

Dude was an amazing college receiver, it’s not surprising at all. He will be another Godwin type steal, it’s baffling how he fell so far.

A 6’1, 205 lbs possession receiver with no burst nor speed? It isn’t uncommon for talent like this to fall through the cracks because teams are looking for WR2 gems. In my 4-round mock without trades, I had selected Johnson at the bottom of the 4th round with pick 139. He went in the fifth round at pick 161.

To add more context, WR Justin Watson is 6’3, 216 lbs, and had a 4.42/40-yd time at his pro day. We drafted him in the 5th round, pick 144. Watson is taller, bigger, and faster than Johnson, but Watson played in the Ivy league. Penn isn’t known for developing NFL players nor is it’s competition.

What makes Godwin, Miller, and Johnson steals was the fact they where sheltered when they came in. This allowed them to develop at their pace. Under former HC Koetter, we went full vertical offense and that required having competent WR’s. In collecting so much WR talent, that’s what intrigued Brady to come to Tampa. We’re fortunate enough to have AB to fill in at WR2 spot so as not to rush Johnson. So far, we’ve hit on 2 out 3 later round WR’s between Watson, Miller, and Johnson.