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This is actually the play right before the above one that put it 2nd and 9.

1ST & 10 AT NO 36(01:37)
(1:37) A.Kamara right end ran ob at NO 37 for 1 yard (D.White).

Tie ball game. End 3rd and their moving toward + field position.

They motion the TE across the formation into a Wing Right Bunch and they run an Outside Zone Strong Gap Toss Sweep. Outside Zone rules everywhere from RG over (so they’re working to Reach block across the board; cross every tech’s face and seal them inside) w/ both WRs blocking down for the RT and TE to Pull around those Pin Blocks.

Its literally wins across the board up front. Everyone is Reached and Pinned. LVD just makes an incredible play here with stupidly quick cognitive loop, exploding playside and downhill while navigating all of Bunch Pin-downs. He shoots the tiniest of gaps and absolutely destroys the RT’s Pull and in the backfield at that. He works all the way through it and works into Kamara’s feet to both (a) defeat and Spill the pull to force Kamara to declare wide and then (b) force Kamara basically on top of the boundary so White can just walk him out of bounds. This Stop (on what should have been a + play) through individual effort (and the Puller was out CLEAN) was massive. LVD doesn’t get anything in the stat sheet, but he made this play and not many ILBs have the read + react + quicks + technical precision in the Spill at 100 MPH to make this play.