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Our secondary shut them down once. It’s not impossible to do it again. I believe the Packers offense is better now than week 6, so it wouldn’t be easy. I’m not expecting them to, but they will hopefully limit the damage. Our team has gained invaluable playoff experience this season, and our young players seem to be growing up in front of our eyes. These Bucs expect to win. They’ve developed a winning attitude (finally!!). Brady keeps them focused, and confident. It’ll be a tough matchup, but I believe we can hang with their offense. The Bucs have every intention of going up and getting that win!

Go Bucs!!

Tampa has their hands full!! Rogers said on Pat McAfee show that Suh won’t be doing much talking this week.

I really hate to be the guy but our secondary ONLY looked good because they KNEW the QB could not throw over 15 yards. Combine the fact the Saints were #1 penalized defense and the emotions were going to be very very high. They let them play.

This was going to be a close to the line of scrimmage game with tons of choppy grabbing being allowed. Also if not for a FF ( which are VERY RARE), decent chance we aren’t playing this week. CDavis did well vs MT cus he’s needing two surgeries and runs a mid 4.6 40.

I’m just saying, imho, celebrating the defense against this passing game. Is the equivalent of us celebrating a big passing day vs Carolina.

Much different ball game vs a team with as good as Brady’s been, have the actual league MVP at QB. We are going into a red hot offense who are running hard and protecting their QB. He’s not been breathed on. They’ve adjusted in pass protection just as we have. Hence the Rodgers confidence that Suh won’t be chirping.

Plus it’s in their element (cold possible snow) and in front of 9,000 cheeseheads. They are 11-0 last 11 games at home. Which make no mistake if Buffalo 6K had a huge effect I guarantee 9k up there will.

We just proved prior game doesn’t matter. Now add in the fact they are pretty healthy across the board. The LT Turner has been very good. Then on our end we have 2,3 nicked up DBs. Rojo dealing with a quad and AB knee.

We can win but it’s going to take the BEST game they’ve played all year.. game plan may be to run again. Keep Rodgers off the field. Obviously HAVE to win turnover battle.