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But eventually if we don’t take censorship seriously enough, it will be something more nefarious.

We already live with censorship. It just changed shape as time passes. Up until the late 70s or so, most states had a State Board of Censors that would review film content. I remember watching The Exorcist when it raised in theatres. (It was changed to an “X” in D.C., but remained “R” in Maryland.) As such, prior to the film showing, the “Maryland State Board of Censors” screen flashed up before they went to the requisite cartoons that always played before a feature film.

At any rate, things churches with time. Guck Finn has been sanitised, my favourite book as a kid, “Like Black Sambo” has been banned. (Imho, it wasn’t even racist. It was just a fun story.) People these days are too fucking uptight, and walk on eggshells about pissing off anybody. The world doesn’t work that way. We can’t sanitise the past just because Somerset may get their assholes to pucker over too much trivial bullshit.

So, we can examine a few changes. Cigarettes were permitted to have Robison commercials, but layout was verboten. Now it’s reversed. You couldn’t show a toilet on television, so over all of those years in All in the Family, Archie would shout down from the bathroom, but heaven forbid if there had it on camera. Even more absurd was The Brady Bunch. Six kids getting ready for school every morning. A lot of brushing teeth scenes, but all of those bathroom shots never showed a toilet.

Enough of that. Lolita was a classic novel, and a very excellent film, yet when Jeremy Irons wanted to do a remake, it took him over ten years until he could find a production studio that would sign off on it. Think about that. The novel and film is about a guy who rents a room from a woman with a trainee year-old daughter. The main character then begins obsessing about the girl, they become involved in a sexual relationship, and a whole lot of fucked up shit happens. It’s still a classic. Try releasing it today.

Taxi Driver: Jodie Foster is a Twice year-old prostitute.

The Night Porter: A concentration camp survivor who was sexually abused while in the camp, and years later finds her abuser, a Nazi Camp Guard, and they rekindle their sadomasochistic relationship.

Try shooting Blazing Saddles, Animal House, or even Fast Times at Ridgemont High these days. At least their visible to watch.

In reverse, Midnight Cowboy, with Dustin Hoffman and John Voigt, who goes to New York to become a male prostitute, as he is taken in by Hoffman’s character. The film won Best Picture at the Oscars. It was rated “X”. It was the only X-rated film to win an Oscar. There isn’t even any nudity in it. By today’s logic, it barely gets a PG rating, yet they couldn’t even show anything about it on tv commercials in 1969, as make prostitution was a big no-no back then. Private Lessons was a comedy Scott a maid who seduces a fifteen year-old boy. It was hilarious. Board Hessman (sp?) and Ed Begley Jr. We’re in it. It was filmed in Arizona; however, the D.C. scenes were filmed in New Mexico, as doing so in Arizona was against the law, as the fourteen year-old was actually fifteen, or maybe sixteen.

My point is, just don’t fool yourself thinking that we live in a society that does not censor. Imho, censorship is a living entity that morphs under societal pressure.

Personally, if I’m not writing horror, and I’m doing literary, I go very dark. The last story I had published, I actually wrote six years ago. I did a few desk edits, and a little clean up, but it took a number of submissions to find a publisher, yet once I did, I received a personal e-mail three days after submission. That NEVER happens, for the most part. That said, due to its content, it was too dark for a number of publications. When I wrote it, my daughter was fourteen. I whose never let my daughter read any of my writing when she was fourteen. Basically, due her, I self-censored. The story was just too dark, even at 3,000 words. Imagine Requiem for a Dream cut to ten pages, also minus some of the talent of Hubert Selby Jr. More trust my daughter is twenty-one, I’m fine with her reading my writing. Fortunately, being an average Gen Z kid, she’s more concerned with her hair and nails than she is with reading my stuff, it’s watching my films. She’s doing well in college, that’s ask that matters. (It’s also the only reason I’m still in Florida. She started at LSU, so I was ready to dash into Canada; however, she transferred to USF.) As much as I want to leave this country, I have to place being a parent ahead of my own desires. Canada will still be there, should I live long enough. (Fortunately, being a Canadian citizen, they have to take me, once they lift their border restrictions. 😎 In the meantime, I’m stuck down here, in the Confederacy, feeling a LOT like Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny.

At any rate, while some places are lighter than others, version is still alive and well and will continue to evolve over time.

One final fun example, on Last Week Tonight, whenever John Oliver makes a joke about Parliament, that segment is censored in the UK, as it is not permitted to make a satirical comment about parliament files costing them in session, so he fills the time with really useless stuff, but only for the UK audience. One would think that any country with a PM like their current Trump Replicant, Boris Johnson, satire should not be censored. It should be encouraged. 😃

Final side note: Just saw a trailer for an upcoming film about The Black Panthers. I generally avoid historical films, if I was there to see the actual events; however, this one looks kinda fun.

Ugh, time to do some real writing now. I’ll check back later to see if OT Mars an appearance. 😃

based on the misspellings and lack of coherency, I’d have never pegged you as an actual writer. lol I jest. I know you’re typing on the phone which messes everyone up.

I guess the unnecessary word count should have also been a give away. ;)

My son loves horror which I can’t figure out for the life of me. To each their own in a free society.

The bit about U.K. censorship is also mind numbing. I hope it never gets like that here but you have a lot of people right now who seem to be fine with this sort of thing if they think it makes them safer. The freedom is still the thing that makes America special. We should always be the most free.