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Hi everyone,

Has anyone heard anything on the Mahomes injury? That wasn’t a concussion, IMO. I think it was a neck injury, and likely a very serious one. As he tried to stand he was having problems using his left leg, and I never saw him use his left arm (while the fingers on his left hand were tightly clinched). If it was just a pinched nerve in his neck, why would he have been so disoriented? I’m left wondering if this is a career threatening injury.

Are you a doctor?

Do you have training in diagnosing such things?

Do you have a life? Or post anything productive? Literally all I see you do is attack people on here.

I figured you were young, shocked you are damn near twice my age.

Who did I attack, it was a legit question. You are just defending him because like you, he makes dumbass statements about medical conditions, without the proper background to do so.

I should have known you’d get in on this conversation, being the original Doctor Dumbass and all…

I made no diagnosis. I just stated an opinion of a possibility and noted that it was just that. I was wondering if anyone else had the same opinion or had heard anything to that effect.