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I would argue even without Brady this is definitely a playoff team. If it wasn’t for Winston we were a playoff team last year too.

Super Bowl team? Nope. But if you added one of those QBs instead of Winston this is definitely a playoff team.

Brady made it a Super Bowl team.

Definitely don’t agree with this.

This is a QB league and Brady is the overwhelming signal of this season.

Bridgewater and/or Rivers are -2 to -3 Win Ratio QBs when compared to Brady under the absolute best of circumstances for those guys. Without an offseason for them? I could easily see 8-8 as the outcome for this team. Forgetting the 2nd or effects and intangibles of belief and amplification of the play of those around him, just the 1st order effect of Brady’s actual play is a huge differential between average NFL QBs (at this point) like Bridgewater and Rivers. The difference between absolute Elite QB play (Brady was # 3 DVOA) and average QB play (#13 and #18) is a gaping chasm in the NFL.

Again, just first order effects of Brady. We certainly don’t win any games we lost without Rivers or Bridgewater. Then:

1) We DO NOT come back against the Chargers.
2) We very likely lose 1 against the Falcons.
3) We very likely lose against the Giants.
4) The Raiders and Vikings games are entirely different and we likely lose one or both of those games.

Those are 5 wins where Elite situational (clutch) or Elite overall QBing was absolutely the difference- maker.

Sub Rivers/Bridgewater out for Brady in those 5 games and you lose a minimum 3 games. At 8-8 with Chicago and Minnesota (assuming that Minnesota game turns into a loss) having the tiebreaker over us, they get in and we’re out. We’d have the tiebreaker over Arizona.