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As an addendum to my posts above regarding what we should do in this game:

1) Rodgers has one of the biggest drops (like Brady) in terms of Passer Rating when Kept Clean vs Passer Rating Under Pressure; hair over 40 points. This is the same story annually with him (2 years ago he was 43 lower…17 was 33…19 was 30 and change). 16 was the year (Brady has actually had several of these) where it didn’t contract that much; 15 point differential.

2) Unsurprisingly given the above, Green Bay’s EPA when they’re blitzed is just barely north of the standard Pass Play EPA for the NFL. However, when they aren’t blitzed, their EPA differential compared to the standard EXPLODES. Its league best.

3) When we had so much success against them in Week 6, we dialed up the blitz a bit north of 40 %. And they were timely blitzes. We need to overload blitz the perimeter on 2nd and 7+ when they like to run play-action boot and we need to be blitzing the A gap w/ White off of a DT Slant (or blitz White A gap and Loop Shaq or JPP or Suh behind it) a fair bit on 1st and 3rd downs. Combo these A Gap blitzes with a lot of Press 2 Zone and Trap 2 Zone (we can Bail or Jam and Sink…but we need to show up tight on the boundaries) to prevent the quick throws to the boundary that Rodgers loves. They like to max protect off Play-action and your best chance of getting home against Max Protect is either (a) overload blitz one side or (b) overload and create movement in the A gaps and get Pressure there.

You’re almost surely not going to get Sacks as Rodgers will usually get rid of it. But you have to prevent the quick throw to the boundary and you’ve got to force him off his spot and then rally like hell so he can’t make a play with his feet. Rodgers can make you pay (and he surely will some) but you_just_cannot beat this team rushing 4 and playing vanilla coverage behind. Overload blitz the perimeter and A gap situationally, Press the boundaries, mix up Coverage on the back end.