Boid Fink

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If they hold up as a stout run defense, and the offense stays fluid in spite of weather, they can win this game.

The ground there won’t be hard as concrete, they have the heaters (water lines) buried under the field. As Arians said, the wind will be a massive factor. Both for the wind chill and how it affects the ball in the air (kicks and passes).

They rely on the play action and run game. Bucs can stop both if they play fast and can diagnose the play rapidly.

They beat them once when they were just crushing it before, and the Bucs offense wasn’t cohesive at all. They can win this game. It will be tough but they can win.

The same can be said for the Packers. How can they slow down this offense that has been clicking? They aren’t the Saints on defense, not even close.

I just hope for a very good game. For us.