Diehard Astheycome

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Like he said.. Pound A-Rod n pound the rock!!!

I think our Oline vs their front is the BEST matchup we have in this game.
They also use alot of dime so we can use size advantage. Get to second level and have good blocking WRs. We need to wear them down so in the 4th quarter we have an advantage. Have to cover Adams n Tonyan in red zone! Take them away and we have a shot.
Idk how or what is going on with Godwin. Does he seem off a little or is it just me? He should be the second best matchup in this game. A healthy, normal CG should eat their #2 CB.

The pass rush has to get home. We basically have to be the hungrier, angrier, want it more team. I mean bully them in their house. If Vea can be normal Vea on his limited snaps and dominate a few times early? He will give the defense a huge emotional boost. Shut down Jones and take away their play action!

Of course win the turnover battle!!