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Fat Nadler said Antifa was a myth.

That was in July. The myth is equating antifa with the Proud Boys or QAnon and other right wing extremists.

Antifa is not part of the Democratic party. They aren’t organized and I doubt they are even registered to vote, because they are basically anarchists. In Portland they chanted “F– Biden” and trashed the Democratic headquarters.

On the other hand, Proud Boys and QAnon are accepted into the Trump Republican Party with open arms. They have members of Congress and probably countless other sympathetic Republican politicians around the nation. In the Republican party you win primaries by heading toward the extreme instead of toward the middle.

Now the Republicans are getting cold feet for convicting Trump, which will allow him to run again and continue to tear the party in two. Trump says he may even form his own party. The best thing for the Republicans would be to dump Trump. So if you think Trump is bad for the Democrats, think again. I’m in favor of dumping Trump because he’s bad for America, but he’s not bad for the Democrats.