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Jesus Christ, jbear, what a fucking drama queen. It’s called hyperbole, you simp. Do I think that social media, while it has it’s obvious positives, has had a horrible effect on this country ….. absolutely, but how can I advocate something like banning social media that I, and anyone with a lick of fucking common sense, knows will never, ever happen.

Look Klink it already is happening. Parler no longer exists. That was met with cheers from, I’ll just say, people like you and fire… and Roy. Why were they cheering? Because it’s perceived that it only hurts the enemy. So instead of championing of free speech and diverse views, you have a weaponization of censorship.

So if you advocate for the use of censorship to keep us safe from people talking on Parler at all or from saying anything untrue on Facebook or twitter then you are not advocating something that will never happen. It is happening.