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Damn, what did the website do with Quotes and such? Nothing works anymore.

That said, yeah, the UK has some messed up ideals. I love how John Oliver calls them out on it.

Second, on the writing, also true. Even in a bbs, it kills me to have typos, but I’ve lost so many posts on this buggy site, that if I don’t catch them, I don’t edit anymore.

On my writing, here is a link:


This is a website, featuring works from varying forms of literary fiction. (Looks like they are lacking server space, so the cover art is gone) At any rate, this is one of my published stories which can give you an idea of my writing, without requiring you to purchase something. (I keep a few things on literary sites which give free access. I’m not very good at marketing. As such, I’m not going to try to use a bbs to sell anything.)

This story is NSFW, but not as bad as I can get, so anyone reading this may check it out. I’m very transparent, so I’ve never hid behind an avatar. As such, I really don’t care about who knows my identity. Should you read the story, I hope it’s not as bad as my posts. 😎

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.