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If I’m being fair, I don’t think it’s only a left wing problem I think a large share of representatives from both sides advocate this sort of trampling of civil liberties. On the right it’s the libertarian leaning ones who don’t. People like Mike Lee, Rand Paul and several others.

Trump was actually all over the place when it came to this. Sometimes he seemed to be on the side of civil liberties and sometimes he seemed to be their worst enemy. One reason is that civil liberty encompasses a whole lot of stuff. Some of it is pet issues of the left and some of it pet issues for the right.

Regarding violent attacks, I’m at the same place you are. When we’re talking about violence not about gathering to protest. There seems to be a whole lot of conjecture and and big lack of actual evidence regarding “violent” right wing attacks on the govenrment right now being propagated on social media. So I’m all for social media posts asking for or condoning violence being removed. But the net right now seems to be a lot wider than it should be.

Ask Antifa members if they think it would be fair to remove social media mentions of a planned protest. I hate Antifa but it’s their right to plan protests. Where it becomes illegal is when there is planning for violent attacks. And that goes right down to a group of 20 people dressed in black bringing rocks or things they can turn into weapons to a protest. That doesn’t make the protest illegal but there was some sort of planning involved. Now when that can be discovered in social media it needs to be removed. If the government has evidence of planning violence then it needs to be addressed.

We also have no arguments on the fact that FB is a private company and can remove whatever they like from their site. Where I’m bothered right now is that the left seems to be using this as a defense of censorship. The companies can do what they want but we’re talking about the public policy. are we condoning censorship or are we condemning it?