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On the DC lockdown and troop deployment to protect the capital from the insurrection:

“Young people in America don’t get together with the young people in Europe or Asia and decide; hey wouldn’t it be neat to have a war. They’re the last people who want a war. And yet, the ideology of Kenyesianism and Socialism and Welfarism because government is force, the bigger the government the more force it is. That is why I’m in favor of gun control… of the people in government, we need to regulate their guns because the gun is used to impose the system on us. No matter what they do or tell us, the programs that are coming are enforced with guns.

Specifically on the Troops:

That’s to scare the people and tell the people who is in charge. and the other people the ones who are there, their propaganda stunt went perfectly, When I say this, this is one of those risky things you don’t say on the internet, people aren’t supposed to realize it, but it was related to Donald Trump and people who support him but you know the ruthlessness I just don’t believe it. I may be wrong, it should be open for discussion but the whole thing is there because of the use of force on the people.

Compared to what happened when they marched into the capital compared with the armed forces that we see now… how about the 250000 armed bueracrats who carry guns to enforce all the regulation and tell us what to do. Thats not a good excuse for claiming that we have a free society. At the same time they claim that we need to get the guns away from the people. I think we need to get the guns away from the government.

Asked if he would encourage Rand to again run for President:

I’d tell him what I tell all young people who come up to me and ask if they should run for office… I’d tell him to do whatever he wants. But I would have to admit some worry if we aren’t winning the war that we’re fighting here… it would worry me a bit because conditions are so lousy. I’ve seen especially the anti war faction in this country, it’s a very deadly challenge, the pro peace candidate, the Kennedy’s or whether it’s Martin Luther King, it’s very very dangerous. But Rand has studied the morality of Liberty.