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Brady doesn’t get enough credit for MVP status.

Bucs 2019

    Record: 7-9 (no playoffs)
    Winston Stats: 5,109 yds; 60.1% comp; 33 TDs; 30 INTs; 47 sacks; 282 sack yard lost
    TD to INT differential: +3

Bucs 2020

    Record: 11-5 (playoffs)
    Brady Stats: 4,633 yds; 65.7% comp; 40 TDs; 12 INTs; 21 sacks; 143 sack yard lost
    TD to INT differential: +28

The TD-to-INT differential alone is huge, considering it’s comparing Brady’s first year in Arians’ system to Winston’s first year in Arians’ system. Rodgers and Mahomes have been in the same system for years. Same with Allen.

Compare the sacks between Winston and Brady. Brady had 26 fewer sacks than Winston, meaning there were 26 times that Brady didn’t lose yards and improved the chances of moving the ball forward. Winston lost almost 140 yards more than Brady did with respect to sack yards lost.

While Brady is getting a lot of the limelight, what he’s done for the Bucs is truly underrated.