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The difference Wirfs has made for that OL is amazing! Cappa had a great season as well. Stinnie has done a good job filling in for Cappa, in some huge games against good teams. Hell, even everyone’s favorite punching bag Donovan Smith has stepped up when the stakes are highest. Winfield has had just as big of an impact in that secondary as Wirfs did on OL. SMB has shown he has some game in him, and the lights aren’t too bright for him! 3 career playoff games, and 3 INTs?? Kid is playing with confidence right now! The experience our young players are gaining this season is invaluable! Tom has this team expecting to win every game. We’re FINALLY seeing a winning attitude out of our beloved Bucs! I expect that same attitude to carry over to next season and beyond! We’re beating some really good teams without playing up to our potential.. Let’s hope the government gets this virus under control, because I’d love to see this team with a full, legit offseason! It won’t be easy, but I fully expect to win this Super Bowl!! We’re finally a team other teams don’t want to play.. Great time to be a Tampa Bay sports fan!! GO BUCS!!