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Personally, I have no problem with forced closures of companies, I do not support all forms of speech as free speech, and I fully support tech companies as being regulated and liable for content in their sites.

What shut down Parler, along with forced policing of other “social” media sites, was not regulation. It was corporate entities pulling their financial support through advertising. While, imho, these companies have way too much power in dictating conduct / content in other sites, in a “capitalist” society, they are within their rights to support or not support any entity that they choose.

Look at The Redskins. Granted, Dan Snyder is a fucking, greedy tool that has no desire to win, but just wants profits, caved in on The Redskins when FedEx threatened to pull their financial support for FedEx Field. Again, personally, if Snyder wasn’t a greedy shit, he would’ve told FedEx to fuck off and found another sponsor. With only thirty-two NFL teams, he could’ve found another sponsor. I have never supported selling stadium names anyways. I preferred Jack Kent Cooke Stadium. Fuck FedEx.

Also, it does have to do with free markets, as companies these days are purely driven by $$ and could give a shit about the consumer. One of the reasons I will never support I’d believe in capitalism. It is what makes the US a shithole country, which falls far behind the standards of other first world nations. I honestly have no idea why people would willingly want to live here. I can’t wait to leave.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.