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What wouldn’t you maniacs do to make the enemy pay? And you’re all so good at reciprocating the bs that the circle jerk just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Seriously, what the efff do you morons want? Trump in prison or executed… check, Round up all the depolrables…. check. Stifle free speech when we decide it hurts someone’s feelings or someone might believe something we’ve decided is a lie… check Look the other way when your new hero institutes never ending martial law to stop all the domestic terrorists from attacking the benevolent government…. check

You people are completely out of control and can’t even see it. Insanity.

Trump isn’t the President anymore… I’d think you’d be happy but that is how fascism works. Silence, arrest, beat up or intimidate everyone until nobody has the courage to have an opinion that isn’t sanctioned.

Up yours fire.