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@ Roy

Well, that seems obvious to me, but you disagree. You think there is more to it than that. But you didn’t explain what the “more” is, nor did Greenberg. Please. I’m listening. What is this all about?

I thought Glen Greenwald did a pretty good job of laying all the facts out there. How people lost their jobs over the summer when a Republican dared to post an op ed calling for a more forceful use of the military to quell riots. I was against that too as was Greenwald. The point isn’t that that was a great idea, the point is that the reaction from the left is completely different. Greenwald points out that a few hundred extra officers could have prevented the entire thing so this knee jerk that we need the national guard to lock down the entire capital is insane…. theres that.

Then there is the fact that despite all the talk from the left of radical right wing extremists planning terrorist attacks on the govenrment, you are woefully lacking any actual facts. So quick to believe the Summer riots were no big deal and yet so quick to lock down the capital indefenitely over a prejudiced opinion that those right wingers… who we all hate, are going to attack the capitol.

I appreciate that you say you objectively look at the facts but if you can’t see that this has a bad smell to it then that’s just not objective. We don’t use the military to keep people from protesting… this is America. How long that actually means anything is in the hands of people like you. Stop the hate. This is fucked.

And screw you fire you’re one of the stupidest people I know of. No surprise you work for a huge corporation in HR….duh where do self righteous liberal aholes work? the govenrment or in HR at a huge corporation. It’s the only place people like you can survive. That’s why I can’t stand socialism. It exists so that people like you don’t get weeded out of the gene pool as they would naturally.

“don’t you guys care about meeeeee? I need a jooooob. Well I went to college and I can smile at people and push papers around my desk in circles… gimme a joooooob!”

Stop being a dick Fire. I can be way more of a dick than you can.