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JBear, why hypocrisy? Antifa hates Biden. Apparently these most recent violent protests were against the Biden Administration. They apparently hate our government in general. Why would I defend any antifa or Antifa? The Proud Boys truly do have sympathizers in the police and sympathizers in the previous administration. The strategy of white supremacists has been to get members into law enforcement. You don’t remember the words “Stand down and stand by”? I don’t mean a majority of people in either of those groups is white supremacist or Proud Boys. But even if its a small minority there is one too many Supremacists in the police forces around the nation. And I’ll bet you a nickel there are no antifa in any police force. There are no friends of antifa in the Biden camp. Nobody is excusing them. Nobody is worried about losing their vote. Antifa probably doesn’t even vote. Antifa is not an imaginary group, but making them out to be left wing version of the Proud Boys is not accurate.