Boid Fink

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He is due for a big time game, and these types of games are clearly where he excels on some
Level. Situational victories are going to be vital as usual. He has to keep the chains moving, winning the third and 7’s and 1st and 20’s. He is clutch as they get. He is the definition of clutch. But he needs to have a nice game arm wise, and his receivers need to stop letting him down with blatant drops. Godwin particularly. Fournette and Jones as well.

I expect a big game from the defense, they will keep digging their graves. They are healthy and so is the offense. They need to win every down, 1v1. And they can. They have to get them to punt 5-6 times in the game.

They can beat anyone. I have always said this. And now they are.