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Awful idea. If we’re all-in for these two years, you don’t pull a dumbass GB move and waste premium draft capital one someone who isn’t going to see the field in 2021.

I haven’t looked at these prospects enough to have a definitive position, but my guess is the offseason may look something like the below given how few players we have under contract, how strapped we are $-wise and the fact that Arians et al is clearly prioritizing keeping this defense together. If I had to guess right now:


* Suh (retires)
* Fournette
* Godwin
* Jensen


* Gronk on a discounted number
* LVD on 3 year contract (which is really a 2 year with an option)
* Barrett on 5 year contract (which is really 3 year with a chunk of dead money in 4, JPP’s contract, and complete option in 5)
* AB with a bit of a raise
* (the three above splitting Jensen’s 2020 cap #)
* Brate on a restructure and extension (lowering 2021 cap number)
* DSmith with extension that lowers his 2021 cap number


RD 1 * iOL – Landon Dickerson or Creed Humphrey and put him at Center
RD 2 * iDL – Alim McNeil or Levi Onwuzurike


RB – Mike Davis or James White


On OJ. Achiles is historically a disaster. However, I’m inclined to think that the surgery + recovery methodology has increased recently given Durant’s amazing recovery. But I’m skeptical here. Exploding out of a 3 point stance to Run Block 265 lbers, laterally to Reach Block, and getting vertical in Pass Routes is enormously achiles-intensive. Until proven otherwise, I’m expecting an OJ with diminished vertical explosiveness (which, if that is the case, I’m not expecting a ton from him next year). Sucks, but that is my expectation presently.