Diehard Astheycome

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I understand the superstitious side of it. We are actually 5-0 in this combo!! 3-0 regular season and 2-0 postseason.
However as fans you know when you try and get a feel or foresee a game in your head? I just felt us in our reds and KC in their whites gave me a much better feeling. It also would have added to the feeling of the Bucs at home. Now KC is in their home reds. Just one more small thing to neutralize the RJS situation.

Then the SB itself can be a myth of its own. Denver wanted to avoid orange curse. We are 1-0 in our reds and KC won vs Minn n SF in their reds but lost in the whites vs GB. So it feeds their fan base psyche for those that believe in this stuff.

Regardless of my ” vibe” I’m going to trust the organization and how they feel. Obviously the team who plays better should win but as fans sometimes you can’t help but let these quirky things get you thinking.