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Google search the definition

Maybe you should Google search for the spelling, Mr. Mayor. Strenuously juxtaposed, absolutely everything.

What was it you soy boys argued when Trump sent the National Guard into places where riots and destruction was happening for days, weeks, months? Because I don’t remember anything about “deterant” being mentioned. It was more like “fascist dictator” and the like.

I think it’s only 5000 national guardsmen, and it’s better to over prepare than under prepare like we saw on Jan 6th ……….. unless you’re in the jbear wackadoodle camp of Biden wanting to instill martial law. Although we still don’t why Biden would want to that because jbear keeps avoiding Roy’s questioning.

January 6th was 22 days ago. I understand being cautious for the Inauguration, but it’s obviously stupid big government overkill at this point – and certainly through March.