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“ How many people that were ‘detained’ for their roles in “Picnic on The Capitol Steps” are actually in custody right now?

If this were an actual “insurrection”, the vast majority would still be in custody…”

Iirc, it’s called Bond, or release by ROR. Afaik, I believe that is listed under Rights to Due Process, granted, The more money you have, the more “Due Process” one receives.

Most people tend to obtain bond; however, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be showing up in court. Not only that, the arrests currently happening are starting to be linked to higher crimes. If they were not US citizens, they’d be getting water-boarded in Gitmo about now. Instead, they will stand trial. A lot will cop pleas and get lesser charges.

The interesting thing, should you follow the one thing that almost all of them are saying, through the ones who have attorneys, is that they were incited to violence at the direction of Trump, and had that not occurred, they sold not have pardoned their criminal acts.

That said, if they can turn enough people to testify against Trump in Federal Court, they would have a strong case against Orange Hitler for Conspiracy to Commit Sedition. One or two witnesses wouldn’t do it, but if you get about twenty-five people to testify, along with the video and the time table, Trump will be looking at Federal Prison. Also, unlike OJ, Trump’s behaviour of fucking over attorneys means you probably won’t see a “Dream Team” Defence group.

He may get off in the Senate, but there are a shit ton of Federal prosecutors waiting for their piece of the fat man.

At least Melania can help translate, should Putin allow him into Mother Russia. 😎

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.