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Teams that continue to be playoff material through QB changes do it best when they draft the replacement before the star QB retires. The Packers did it right by having Rogers before Favre moved on, allowing them to keep going. The simple reality is, if we don’t draft a promising QB this year, and Brady starts rapidly declining, or retires after next year, we’ll be have a great young team without a QB ready to take over. That means wasted years for some of these players we have.

As far as Trask is concerned, I had no hopes for this guy when he came in for Franks, the first time, but he did seem to have a better grasp on where to attack the defense. When he came in for Franks in the Miami game, I was like “why hasn’t this guy been starting all this time?” He’s definitely got some Brady in him. Mobility wise he’s not immobile like Brady. But he’s not Mahomes, either. Kind of think of Brady as a Pinto, Trask is a Mustang, and Mahomes is a GT. Trask can run, he just doesn’t do it much. He kind of runs Tebow-esque without that power to run dudes over. But he’s not exactly small either. He’s also the QB that kept the Gators in the game against the Tide this year and the Tigers last year. The bowl was kind of like Brady’s first game with a lack of timing with the new players.

He’d be perfect for this team to train under Brady to take over in 2-3 years from now. Would hate to have to take him with the 31st or 32nd draft pick, but QB’s always have higher value. We don’t have a ton of needs and could afford to use the pick on a QB this year. Will be interesting to see what Licht and Arians are thinking when we get to the draft. For now, they have other things to think about.