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On Javonte Williams:

My expectation is that he’s the first RB off the board and not available at the end of the 1st round. His tackle-breaking, balance-through-contact, yards-after-contact, forced missed tackles is easily tops in this class. Good vision, great pad level. His skills with the ball in his hand are trivially translatable to NFL success on the ground.

However, my preliminary look into him has me questioning how much of a weapon he will be in the Passing Game. He receives the ball easily (though too many drops) but there aren’t enough reps of him 1v1 beating people with the kind of routes that a passing-game-weapon in the NFL will be performing (Angle, Option, Pivot). He’s definitely capable of being an asset, but its not clear if he’ll be a weapon.

Its extremely difficult for me to feel comfortable drafting a RB at 31 or 32 where I don’t know if he’ll be a weapon in the passing game. But this kid’s abilities may prove the exception if he is there (and there aren’t iOL, iDL, Edge players that offer better and more necessary immediate return).