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I don’t know if you were saying RB will be 1 of our 2 highest priorities in the top rounds of this or not….but I’m not ready to throw in the towel on Vaughn. In extremely limited reps, to be expected on a 3rd pick to a team with Superbowl aspirations and 3 vets at the position…the young man showed some decent potential (very small sample). Having watched a few of his Candy games, he’s a guy that seemingly gets better as the game goes. He runs with some power, apretty good (not great to be fair) vision, and doesn’t dance behind the line resulting in consistently getting forward. It’s the thing that drives me nuts about Fournette, a guy that big and strong, he does a tap dance behind the line (often), slows any momentum and loses yards rather than at least getting positive yardage. I believe Vaughn can get better in the passing game, as he was at least average at it in college..seems like after that massive hit he took earlier in the season that he lost a bit of confidence. He comes across as a hard worker, and see him coming back next season much improved. I’d be ok with Jones (assuming he continues to progress, like this season) and Vaughn…maybe finding a small shifty guy, a la Chris Thompson, mid to late in the draft to come in for certain packages. Shady was a complete waste in that role. Wish we had hung onto Raymond Calais (developed him) rather than keeping an expensive washed up Shady.