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I feel like we’ve invested incorrectly, not invested “too much.” There are tiers when it comes to capability as a RB in the passing game.


In my opinion, you never draft a RB in the top 2 rounds that isn’t at least an Asset in the passing game.

We’ve drafted a RB with a high 2 that was (and has been) predictably a Liability in the passing game and has “ascended” (in year 3 when his contract is almost done) to somewhere between Liability and Serviceable (probably right between the two).

Then we draft Vaughn in the 3rd who may be Serviceable, but the reps he put on the field in 2020 were abysmal (save 1 rep).

* 5/8 Pass Pro Snaps were bad or worse.

* 3 Drops on 10 Targets (2 of which were almost picked because of the bad deflection)?

* 1 Fumble on 10 Targets?

* 2 Fumbles on 49 Carries?

* Take out the Detroit game where we basically weren’t playing NFL Football (no coaching staff, no prep, fired HC, injuries…this wasn’t a JV game) and it was 16 Carries for 68 yards…with only 1 Forced Miss Tackle…2 First Downs…47 % Efficiency?

That is as Train-Wrecky a Rookie Season for a RB as it gets. Anyone who says that he is anything more than a complete unknown commodity with a lean toward “uh oh” is kidding themselves. And, again, we’ve already lost 1 year of service with no return (which you don’t want to do with NFL RBs).

RB is the lowest learning curve position in the NFL. Simultaneously, its (a) the most injury prone (along with ILB) with (b) the shortest career and the biggest drop-off from 1st contract to 2nd contract. If you’re a Rookie RB in the top 3 rounds, you need to be getting snaps year 1 and you need to be producing. We’ve drafted 2 RBs in the top 3 rounds that are not Assets or Weapons in the passing game AND they basically red-shirted year 1. That is profoundly below the NFL standard.

Jones is going to be gone after next year. This team really needs a reliable Asset or Weapon in the Passing Game to fortify our offense for 2021. Going into 2021 with Jones and Vaughn as our RBs just isn’t tenable. So right now, I’m thinking James White or Mike Davis in FA (we’re going to be squeezed for $) or Carter in rd 3.