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Its really crazy that our offense has performed as well as it has given how both poor and uneven our RB play has been in the Passing Game.

Check this insanity out. Our Regular Season RBs collectively Dropped an INSANE 17 balls (Vaughn 3, McCoy 2, Jones 5, Fournette 7) on only 132 Targets! That is a STAGGERING 12.9 % Drop Rate.

They also managed a measly 6.5 Yards Per Reception!

The median Drop Rate for RBs in the NFL with 30 or more Targets is only 6.4 %! Less than half of our Drop Rate!

Median Yards Per Reception? 7.6!

This isn’t the actual best RBs. This is the Median.

Our RBs are profoundly unreliable, profoundly unproductive, and the worst Pass Protectors in the NFL. Triple Crown!