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@seekpar wrote:

Some filthy rich dude just wants to make the game more exciting to watch for himself. That’s more money than most people make during their entire working lives.

Exactly. The bettor who dropped $2.3 mil is probably like us dropping $100 on a bet. It’s all relative. That guy is beyond filthy rich if he’s dropping $2.3 mil.

Being a hockey fan, the owners of the Ducks have always run in the negative. Disney owned the Ducks at first and was supposed to make a hub in Anaheim between Disneyland, the Anaheim Ducks, the Anaheim Angels, and a proposed ESPN studio. It just wasn’t working out, even when the Angels won the World Series. The new owners are philanthropic billionaires, but the Ducks have always run in double digit debt. The owners have a bigger picture for the Ducks as he’s created a 4-ice rink area for midget league hockey. He’s creating a hockey culture. He also brought the AHL (minor league hockey) out west, which was a feat that one didn’t think would happen so soon. A total of 7 teams created the AHL West conference. Surprisingly, moving out west helps teams out on the west during the pandemic to limit travel.

If the bettor is barely a billionaire, then a $2.3 really is a drop in the bucket. It’s truly sad to realize there are people that make that much money and we’re nowhere near making that in a lifetime. LoL