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Its really crazy that our offense has performed as well as it has given how both poor and uneven our RB play has been in the Passing Game.

Check this insanity out. Our Regular Season RBs collectively Dropped an INSANE 17 balls (Vaughn 3, McCoy 2, Jones 5, Fournette 7) on only 132 Targets! That is a STAGGERING 12.9 % Drop Rate.

They also managed a measly 6.5 Yards Per Reception!

The median Drop Rate for RBs in the NFL with 30 or more Targets is only 6.4 %! Less than half of our Drop Rate!

Median Yards Per Reception? 7.6!

This isn’t the actual best RBs. This is the Median.

Our RBs are profoundly unreliable, profoundly unproductive, and the worst Pass Protectors in the NFL. Triple Crown!

Licht is trying to grab as much talent and see if anything sticks, which is the opposite of being good at evaluations. Under early Koetter, he had good runners, pass blockers, and pass catchers in dimunitive Doug Martin and large catching radius Charles Sims. UDFA Peyton Barber took a few years of development on pass blocking.

In 2018, we were missing a starting RG, but Licht stood pat with three 2nd round draft picks and selected a run only RB in Rojo for a vertical passing offense. Licht was all set on selecting LG Quenton Nelson at 7th overall, but he was picked at the 6th pick. So why did pick a run only RB when we still didn’t have a starting RG? Rojo didn’t play much in his rookie year because he couldn’t catch nor pass block! Late 3rd rounder RT/RG Alex Cappa also didn’t start in 2018. We could have traded up for RG/RT Braden Smith or LG Will Hernandez.

Similarly for the 2020 draft, we took project RB Vaughn in the 3rd rd when we could have been bolstering our iOL with C Hennessy or C Cushenberry, both playing guard for the moment. Vaughn has barely seen the field in his rookie season, just like Rojo in 2018. Licht is wasting years by not finding competent day 1 starters with valuable draft capital. We could have a possible solution to move on from C Jensen and his $10 mil by having Hennessy or Cushenberry on our team for a year, plus gaining the trust of Brady. We lost Marpet during the season and lost Cappa. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have talent in our OLine depth developing?

If Licht wanted an impact, vertical RB type, then he should have traded to the top of the 3rd round or bottom of it this year to draft RB/WR Antonio Gibson, a better version of Charles Sims. But we would have had to use the 5th rounder we used on WR Tyler Johnson.

It’s simply a lot of misuse of valuable assets/capital.