Diehard Astheycome

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This game will come down to our passing game vs their pass defense. I didn’t realize just how good KC pass D was. They are super legit!! Throw in the Jones vs Stinnie matchup and it’s just another reason the run game should be part of the game plan. Just not on every 1st down. I don’t think a shootout with Mahomes n Reid is smart. Especially with a very good pass D n suspect run D.

You know if they were 32nd vs run BA isn’t going to change his mindset so it will be 60/40 pass. That said, KC got eaten up by TEs! If we are throwing, throw to them. Gronk had a big game last time. Let him n Brate eat. Preferably on some 1st downs. So we can use the run on a lot of 2nd n manageable. Keep the run game cranking so late in the game Rojo can break one for 71 yrds to the house.