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The 2 firsts are definitely a lot but Stafford is gonna make the Rams a top 3 NFC team (assuming most of the roster stays intact, not sure of their FA’s). I guess we will see how good Stafford really is, if he is healthy.

Goff helped them to a SB already… tough trade to evaluate right away. If Stafford and the Rams are great and the Lions suck with Goff, which is what we are kind of lead to believe will happen, it’s a decent trade for both.

I am shocked that Stafford isn’t a Colt, that made too much sense to me. In comparing the Bucs to the Colts, ready to win rosters, if we were sitting here today under the impression Brady was retiring in a week, I would have been ok with the Bucs moving 2 firsts for Stafford. Won’t be in a high enough position to draft a QB that could start right away and the FA list is rough! What do the Colts do now?