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I just looked at the cap numbers… It’s apparent that the Rams view Goff as trash, but were stuck with him. Cutting him now would have cost them about 95 million in dead cap over the next two years. Trading him cost 37 million in dead cap over the next 2 years… and it appears they’ll potentially save cap space this year with a Stafford restructure. Stafford is contracted to earn 3 million in 2023… I laughed when I saw that.

It appears they were paying the Lions to take Goff’s albatross contract with the picks. I was shocked when I saw what they gave up, but it was more logical after I examined the cap ramifications.

As much as I dislike the deal on the surface, I don’t see how else the Rams stay in Super Bowl contention without this deal… and they’ll still struggle due to their cap hell. They needed to dump Goff (but couldn’t cut him) yet simultaneously upgrade at QB. Since they have no draft capital, their only option was a trade, but they couldn’t afford Watson and no other QB upgrade is coming to mind with an affordable contract and availability.

This really is one of the most fascinating case studies I remember in the ability for bad contracts to potentially destroy a SB contender. If the Rams had top 15 QB play this year, they probably would have played us for the NFC title and would have been favored. Their defense is awesome and their offense has great potential with the proper QB.

Kudos to Detroit for exploiting the unique opportunity. Regime change enabled the ability to perform a true rebuild. Time to dump your bad contracts, dedicate yourself to young players in 2021, and get a high pick for 2022. I encourage you to build from inside out.

It appears the Rams will need to trade a receiver (again) and may get some draft capital for Woods or Cupp.

It’s easy to trash this deal, but I think the more interesting scenario is to find a better option for the Rams that would improve their team and keep them in Super Bowl contention for the next 2-3 seasons… factoring in salary cap realities. This transaction may prove to be their best realistic option.