Colin in Canada

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Browning looked really good all week at practice and made some plays in the senior bowl game. The draft sites say that he is a great athlete but the knock on him may be his instincts. His 2019 Highlights were really good as an off ball inside LB. To me he looks a lot better then Tuf Borland who played inside LB for Ohio State. For some reason Browning couldn’t beat out lesser LBs on Ohio state but he is a better pro prospect then they are…

We don’t really use LBs the same way the Patriots do but he seems like a Kyle Van-Noy type Hybrid front player who can play inside LB and also on the Edge. He is extremely fast and strong with stopping power as a tackler and can blow up blockers.

He seems like he would be a really good fit with the Bucs in my opinion and I’ve been picking him a lot on mock draft machine sites for the last several weeks. I hope we take him in the 3rd or 4th round. He would be an upgrade over Minter and injury insurance for White / David.