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Anyone else sick n tired of thinking we got out of games healthy just to find out guys are game time or 50/50 for the next game ?
AWJ before GB and now Lavonte David and this damn hamstring issue. He is a huge piece that we NEED to be his normal self.
When you look at helping on Kelce n Hill these two play PROMINENT roles. I do think Mike Edwards has played exceptionally well, but Winfield is better in box and just has a knack for making plays. As does David and these games are where splash plays make the difference.

I know GB officials were talked about but this crews opinions will be big. Not talked about much but I’ve gone back and watched quite a few KC games and I’m in awe of how many INTs by Mahomes get negated due to ticky tack flags. I know he had two vs us but I’ve seen 4-5 other should’ve been INTs that a flag gave it back to them. I’ll lose my sh*% they do that Sunday.

If you’ve watched any SB replays this week you hear the mic’d up refs and they are caught up in these games like spectators or fans.

I’m still sticking with a Brady drive to get in FG range. Set up Ryan Succop FG with :06 left , Bucs win 31-30!!! See them again in SB 56!