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Sorry to drag this back down into the mud but you’re even more confused than you usually are. The idea that in 20, 30, 40 years…. once Utopia is achieved, everything anybody wants to do will be treated by everyone else as “normal” because hurting people’s feelings is taboo, is complete nonsense. Maybe if you were talking about a culture that respected the individual above all else then that could at least be a goal.

My understanding of your liberal views however, leads me to see your Utopia in less favorable light. As evidence, the scorn you and other liberals have for any view that you disagree should be exhibit A. So while a current popular liberal view is to celebrate any and all forms of homosexuality or gender dystopia, your benevolence doesn’t work so well when the person with hurt feelings is for example, a Christian who believes homosexuality is a sin. Rather than respecting the individuals right to their own mind, opinions and views, you’ve instead got a list of sanctioned views that you’ve all agreed should be ok. But those goalposts are not going to stay fixed. In 20, 30 40 years who knows where those norms will have shifted to. I’m not going to list the possibilities out of respect for your feelings because I know listing them would cause you great distress.