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Changed my mind.

My 8 year old Tommy really identifies with cats. He even thinks he may have been one in a past life. He really wants to get some work done so that he can feel better about himself. Wisker surgery? Tail transplant? He even dreams of marrying the family cat and having a litter. If it makes him happy right.

Look, I’m all for people living their lives however they choose. I really do not hate anyone. That’s because I believe in individual liberty. But where you misunderstand this idea, is that liberals think forcing acceptance on others is some sort of moral high ground. Because it’s wrong to judge others. Well, judging others is part of being human. It’s not going away because liberals dictate it away. In my personal life I CHOOSE to try my best not to judge people too harshly. I CHOOSE to try to accept everyone, even when I disagree with certain aspects of how they choose to live.

As long as we live in a free society, we will always have abnormal behavior that is not generally accepted by most people. The only way this will ever change is through skull crushing, repressive force. People having hurt feelings isn’t going anywhere. Sorry to break it to you fire.