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Looks like Orange Hitler’s Hellspawn has the same megalomaniacal, sociopathic, nihilistic, narcissistic, psychotic disorder as his fat-ass load of a father has.

I hear psychoses runs in the family. At least, unlike his whore-bitch, daughter-wife, the fat Orange man doesn’t want to fuck this one.

People in the “Q”wazy Twain are fucked beyond redemption if any of them has any believe that any fucked up result of Orange Hitler’s ejaculate, or even anyone sharing the same last name will only have a political future on his fantasy island, or possibly if they recreate the old USSR, Putin may appoint one in them as Supreme Being of Kazakhstan.

Plus, look at that fuckwad’s GF. If she screams that loud on a stage, imagine how she would sound fucking in the WH. You may thank your God that there is no Pool Boy to the First Family.

If you were to come out of your bunker, you’ll notice that the world has moved on from that shit-for-brains, worst “holder” of the Executive Office. (I just can’t bring myself to use the term “leader”, as the only thing he led was hours on a fucking golf course, while the country died around him.) Then he actually is deluded enough for attempting a shot at four more years? Well eighty million people thought otherwise, and four years is a long time in the life cycle of cousin-fuckers, so that’s out.

That fat ass could freeze more sperm vials than his wives have swallowed from the hired help, plus Stormy Daniels in her illustrious career, and there would STILL not be another WH candidate in the bunch.

If you run really quick, you may catch up to the other lemmings. 😎

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.