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Crazy how quiet and dead this place is , freaking bucs are in the superbowl, might not happen again for a decade or longer.

Just because it’s quiet, it doesn’t mean fans are freaking out. Many of us were here for the first Super Bowl in this franchise. We’re on the brink of possibly another with HOF Brady. We have tape on the Chiefs and what we did wrong. TBH, I was exhausted after the NFC Conference game. After that game, I was just hoping we get back healthy safeties in AWJ and Whitehead as well as a markedly improved Vea for the Super Bowl.

Not much else is needed to say. Because of COVID-19, there isn’t a lot of hype going on because teams cannot expose themselves to a wide variety of people in the news outlets. Each day that passes by is another day for recovery and game planning. We’re gonna need it.