Sam Ram 33

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Covid is a big part of it… As well as other factors. Players cant have as much fun and what not with this week so theres that. Also nerves from fans realizing the juggernaut we have to take down to win this superbowl… They have won 25 of their last 26 games…Have the best QB in the league who can scramble, and all that speed. We have a bad secondary that needs a pass rush to stand any chance.

We have an uphill battle that’s for sure, but in this game you just never know. When going into a game where you know your only shot at winning is a close one score game where the chiefs have the team that can win this game by a few scores.

Either way its been a fun ride and we made it farther than i thought we would with no training camp and what not. As long as health isn’t too much of a factor I do expect a SB victory next year with going all D in draft and maybe an o-lineman