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I still enjoy visiting this site and this board to hear what my fellow Buc fans have to say. I don’t post enough to say much about the format but have been here for years and plan to stay. I don’t agree all the time with everyone but come for the posts and topics from regulars like Nobody, Pennywise, Biggs etc.

I agree with others saying Covid has changed things a bit, and we have nothing to complain about right now haha. I don’t agree that people get jumped on for chipping in their 2 cents. That only happens between a few regulars who have had opposing views for seemingly a long time.

I also strongly disagree with any fans out there biting their nails or thinking the Bucs are now in over their heads. I am so excited that I have been a fan for 20 years? 21 years? and may be able to celebrate a 2nd SB victory!

I’m very confident! This team is fired up and has the GOAT! The other team probably has better coaching and Mahomes which counts for a lot but they are down both starting tackles! Winfield, Whitehead, Brown and David are all a go… this is the Bucs ball game to lose! Go Bucs!