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I would think he has to win. No one did a better job THIS YEAR. Bucs are in the super bowl with a roster of Licht picks and signings.

I have been down on Licht a few times. Prolly called for his head once or twice but again… Bucs are in the Super Bowl! He has clearly improved at his job and some stability and longevity will usually allow people to do that so I am happy he is still here guiding this team. If he can successfully bridge the QB gap after Brady and keep the Bucs contending for the next 10 years… he’s the best. If Brady leaves and Bucs head to the cellar for 6-7 years then he was an ok to mediocre GM who helped manufacture a SB win hopefully and we will be forever happy about that.

The Colts Right now are possibly the Bucs in 2 years … What are Ballards options currently? Tough to kill him for not getting a QB in there. Stafford was his best bet and it’s not easy to always have a top 15 QB on your team.