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Their place is to work a steady job stocking shelves, washing dishes or pushing shopping carts. Get up. Pack your lunch. Go to work. Come home. Feed the gerbil.


You couldn’t be more correct. I worked, among other places, in Chennai, Southern India beginning roughly 2004 or so. They say they no longer have a caste system, but they still have a caste system.

When I was there, we had one person in the studio whose job it was to serve tea at 11AM and 4PM. Other than that, his other duty was to fan some of the other employees in higher positions. (I could write an entire book about all that went on there, but I’ll stick with this.)

The sad thing is, he will never rise above that position and should he have children, they would follow suit. He was only permitted to speak infrequently.

Granted, it may have changed a bit in the ten years since I’ve been there; however, I honestly don’t think it has changed much. It truly was a culture shock, even after seeing many other impoverished areas such as the shanty towns in and around Cape Town.

The sad irony is that, while these people had no true choice in their fate, I’m seeing the exact same thing here, and that is what the “Q” people most resemble, except for the fact that the Q folk have full consent of their will to be a part of that structure.

The last time I’ve seen anything close was in the U.S. during the 70s, when cults seem to have been commonplace. In a sense, the 70s had more of a rational explanation. You had a country divided by war. You had people in a counter-culture, people returning from a war and being ostracised, and you had a world that was in contrast from things like television being more commonplace. (The Vietnam war was the first one to ever be brought into people’s living rooms in the nightly news. My parents had to follow WWII by watching newsreels in theatres.)

I think, in part, that the expulsion of information now, via “social” media making Andy Warhol’s “fifteen minutes of fame” all that much more easy to accomplish. I honestly have no other idea. Since we are all now capable of existing within our own bubbles these days, reason has gone out the window. I imagine that what makes it easier for people to fall into the Q world.

I guess I’m just getting old, but it feels like “crazy” is becoming commonplace. I honestly hope, like the cults of 70s, this too shall pass. It’s just sad to see people throw logic and reason to the wind.

PS – Great post on the MTG thing. 😎

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.