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DC, I’m a public school teacher, so I’m keenly aware of how public education is the glue that holds this country together. While inequalities obviously exist, public education provides the opportunity for people to rise above their station and live the American dream.

I think a lot of people are morons by choice. But whatever the reason, whether you smoked pot all day and, or if your mom moved six times every time she got a new boy freind. For whatever reason whether it was your fault or somebody elses things didn’t work out like you planned.

I’m not asking that you feel bad or feel guilty about it. Enjoy the life that you do have. Maybe its not as bad as you think. I’m just asking that you appreciate what we have in this great multicultural democracy and not use this wonderful new invention called social media to try to throw our system the trash in favor of a military theocracy all while furiously waving the American flag. Is that too much to ask?