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I wonder if people actually take the time to watch the video because it’s very detailed and informative.

KC’s offense is explosive, but not efficient. They have problems in the Red Zone. This reminds me of our Bucs’ team under Koetter. Under Koetter, we can move the ball at will, but once in the Red Zone, then we have problems because we can’t run the ball due to a not-so-good OLine.

So what makes KC different from Koetter’s era? KC’s defense.

Recall our game against the Chiefs this season: KC 27, Bucs 24

1st half

    KC = 20 pts
    Bucs = 7 pts

2nd half

    KC = 7 pts
    Bucs = 17 pts

3rd down eff

    KC = 6/12
    Bucs = 3/9


    KC = 0
    Bucs = 2

Both INTs came in the 2nd half

Red Zone

    KC = 0/3
    Bucs = 1/2

So the Bucs were able to figure out the Chiefs offense in the 2nd half. Yet, it was the Bucs’ offense that was held in check long enough for the Chiefs to hold on for a win.

That was back in late Nov, before the bye week. The offense has been better since. Here are the defenses we faced/will face in the playoffs:

Defensive Points Allowed defenses (regular season)

    WFT = 4th best
    New Orleans = 5th
    GB = 13th
    KC = 11th

Our path to the Super Bowl is a great path that reveals our offense can score. Granted, we did have our defense create turnovers.

Tampa’s offense needs to score and score often to improve our chances of winning. A very good defense with an efficient, scoring offense can lead to a win. Here’s a couple of games that show that KC’s offense can be stifled:

Week 13: Den 16, KC 22
Week 16: Atl 14, KC 17

How were these two teams able to keep KC’s offense throttled? If the Bucs can do that AND actually score often, then there exists a possibility the Bucs pull ahead early and keep pulling ahead if KC cannot score on explosive plays. Green Bay’s offense can methodically move up and down field, but not KC often.

To beat the Chiefs defensively, stay in cover-2 in 80%+ and don’t blitz often. Offensively, don’t turn the ball over and score TD’s instead of FG’s. We can run the ball to limit the offensive drives for KC.