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Yeah yet you still support bs equivalencies like Democrats are moderates because Joe Biden isn’t a radical democrat or Q exists so Republicans believe the election was stolen.

I’m more than willing to admit that the Republican party is having a crisis. I don’t have a dog in the fight though. I think I’d be happiest if the party would split right in half. At least the two party system could get a reboot.

But Democrats are also having an only slightly less spactacular crisis as evidenced by the rise of Bernie Sanders and AOC….. and Antifa so long as you’re equating Q with being a Republican party appendage.

It’s hilarious to see you all twist yourselves in knots to try to explain how the fact that Joe Biden won… even though he’s not radical enough for you personally, (Thats for you fire) is proof that all is well in the Democratic party.

You kicked and screamed about every attempt to link the GND, AOC, Bernie bros, Antifa, or anything you thought might make the progressive agenda less likely to happen. And you still can’t see the hypocrisy and punch yourself in your own face humor of the idea that the DNC is running ads to say voting for Republicans means voting for Q.

I gave up on you a long time ago Fire. For every moment where it seems a light might be about to turn own there are 100 incidents of you being the guy on the life raft drinking the sea water after being warned that it will kill you.