Diehard Astheycome

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I too thought our line would be the X factor. Especially with Vita Vea back.

Just a few things that worry me. Not saying “ WILL” happen. I hope you are 1000% right on.

However ,Mahomes moves laterally n backwards better than anyone. Most QBs suffer if pressure is in their face. He actually prefers to be on the move. Its what makes the NFL worship him. He buys time moving around n hits an open guy. Thats what IS Patrick Mahomes.

Now assuming you are right. There’s the officiating to overcome. Now I’m not a whiner n cry about calls that often, if ever. However their line holds 25-40% of the time. That’s not being a sour fan or sore sport, it’s fact. Bosa was held on every other or every third drop back last year and it was obvious the refs can’t stop a SB every 3rd play with flags.
Go watch the drive vs us mid 4th quarter. They got tired and we started getting home. They were actually called for holding twice on one drive but missed a few others. Devin White clearly getting grabbed by CEH cus he beat him. Romo circled him before the snap too, cus he was blitzing. It ended in a big 20 yrd first down play with White a step late.

It’s just common sense. How can a guy run around buying that much time as often as he does and NOBODY holds???

You watch and see if I’m wrong. If a subpar Oline without both tackles and a shuffled line can lock down Barrett, Suh, Vea, JPP. You tell me you won’t find that odd?